Saturday, 20 October 2012

Worldwide Photo Walk

Another year gone by already. It really does not seem all that long since our walk in Emsworth last October.

This year we were in Winchester, starting and ending at King Alfred's statue, taking in the Cathedral, college and many other parts of this historic town.

For this shot of the bookshop I had to stand on a wall and photograph over parked cars. That is one of the problems with photographing street scenes these days - the cars are everywhere! But with some patience and careful positioning I was able to get a few nice shots like this.

It also pays to take a few detours from the planned route. You never know what you will find. I found this shot just along College Walk. Looks like it is right out in the countryside, not five minutes walk from a city centre!

Just had to take the obligatory shot of King Alfred's statue. From the blue sky you'd never know how much it had been raining. We were caught by several downpours and had to take shelter in shop doorways and under archways wherever we could. But it was nothing like the very first walk we did 3 years ago...

Take care

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