Monday, 19 March 2012

Worlds Apart

As a photographer, I have been very fortunate to meet and learn from a lot of other photographers. It never ceases to amaze me how willing they are to share their tricks and techniques. I thought it was about time I started doing the same.

On Saturday I was asked to do a few photos for Lou and Kevin of Worlds Apart. This father/daughter duo wanted some shots together to promote their act. The photos had to be suitable for anything from postcard sized fliers up to posters and banners.

There were two problems I had to deal with for this shoot, time and space. They were available for just a few minutes but I was able to set up and do some test shots (thanks to Joe, my son) ahead of their arrival. That meant that I only had to make some minor adjustments once they were in place. The space issue meant that I had to keep things simple. Here is what the setup looked like:

I hung a simple curtain as background to remove the clutter from the room we were in. Thought about pulling the curtain tight but decided that I preferred the look of it with the folds adding some texture. I had also thought about using a background light, and even experimented a little with it, but with the limited room I changed to using a gridded rim light to add separation instead.

Key light was from a large octa. Its size gives a lovely soft light and, with the addition of the reflector, I was able to keep the lighting relatively even for both Lou and Kevin without it being totally flat.

Working quickly once everything was set I was able to get a range of images of Lou and Kevin together and individually. When framing the shots I ensured that some would be suitable for cropping to square or having text overlaid if needed. That way the photos should be good for a range of uses.

Hope this has been useful. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

Take care

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